Knit Polka Dot Baby Hat

I was browsing through the very eclectic, one of a kind store called “Target”, looking for a winter hat for Willow, when I came upon this adorable black and white polka dot hat.  The price wasn’t outrageous.  It matched Willow’s winter coat.  It was just so precious.

But I didn’t buy the hat.

Because I am really stubborn.  Because I knew I could make a hat like that; therefore, I couldn’t bring myself to buy it.


As you can see, I finished it.

I have what some may call an “addiction” to yarning–whether crocheting or knitting, although I prefer knitting (nose up to the air).  I find a ridiculously, adorable; yet equally difficult pattern on ravelry and I dive in like a pregnant woman into Ben and Jerry’s, I just can’t stop (I can only say that from experience).

But there is really something mesmerizing about making things with your hands.  To have a vision, to work for hours towards that vision, and see that scarf or artwork as a completed piece is really fulfilling.  Therapeutic even.

My Oma–dutch for grandma– God rest her soul, was not only one of the sweetest people I have known but was a pretty mean crafter.  Watching her knit was liking watching sprinters in the Olympics, your jaw dropped just from the utter speed with which she could move those needles.  She taught me to knit and crochet at a young age but I never completed the project she had me start, and the well learned lesson became long forgotten by the time I went to college.  And it was at this time that something inside me craved to learn to knit.  So did I call up Oma?  Nope.  Youtube taught me everything I know.  What a shame. In my life I have spent hours upon hours and movies upon movies either knitting or crocheting.

Now that I have a little toddler– did I mention Willow’s walking– I am forced to indulge my addiction in moderation.  But that is the nice thing about making things for babies, it’s much faster making a tiny baby hat than a hat for some big, melon-headed adult.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetIMG_2101IMG_2099IMG_2104

I found this pattern on ravelry and added my own polka dot pattern. It will fit a child in  in sizes 12 and 18 months.  I knitted on size 8, bamboo, circular needles. The yarns I used can be found at Joann’s Fabric. The blue is Martha Stewart Crafts Roving Wool Yarn in Sea glass blue and the black is Lion Brand Vanna’s Glamour Yarn in Onyx.  I doubled the black yarn as it is much thinner than the blue.  You can download the pattern I used to make this hat for free here.


May the work of your hands bring you much joy and fulfillment throughout the year.

Happy Knitting!!


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Foraged Pine Cone Gift Décor and My Girls

Processed with VSCOcam with t2 presetA Preface for the Gentlemen

Men, I am sure most of you can relate to the need to have a guys night every once and a while; to get out and do your thing with your people.  So, please excuse me as I lush a little about “girl time” and know that in some sense this is for you too, or for the women in your life you care dearly for.  Although you most likely won’t be spending your time making Christmas crafts, though you most certainly can, know that it is more about being together than what you are doing when you unite.  So I invite you to join the conversation.

My Girls

That being said, I need to exclaim, I gotta have my girl time!!  Whether it’s just one lady or an entire group, there is something right and good about getting together with the same gender and chewing the fat (especially if that fat includes ice cream).  So when two of my good friends asked to get together and work on some Christmas crafts, I was all over it.



As a matter of fact, they could have said we were going to scrub the floor together and I would have been jumping at the bit for an opportunity to see my friends, whom I hadn’t seen in a while.


Because connecting with good friends is important.  In fact, it’s necessary.  Even though it was only for a couple hours, I felt feeling filled and refreshed.

Plus, Willow was able to play with her best friend in the whole world, Everest Jean.


Ladies, take some girl time every chance you get.  Gents, let your lady take her girl time.

So here is what I was working on…

Foraged Pine Cone Gift Decor


On one of my regular runs I go past this giant pine tree, tip toeing to keep from tripping over all the fallen pine cones.  Every time I ran past I thought, these would make great Christmas decorations, and  then I would keep on running.  But today, in preparation for a craft day, I finally went and picked some up.


I visited the craft store and and found all of my wrapping paper, tags, ribbon, etc for $26 dollars — thank you Joann Fabric –, all because I am making most of the decoration myself.  I bought gold metallic paint, glue for glitter, snow glitter, A piece of shimmery, chevron craft paper, red and white baker’s cotton (this was half the price of Martha Stewart’s version but 6 times as much string, found in the yarn section), and plain brown, craft wrapping paper.


Originally I thought it was a great idea to paint each pine cone with gold, metallic paint by paint brush.  Since it took an hour to make two, I dug up an old can of gold metallic spray paint.  This was much more effective and timely.

After painting the pine cones gold, I dabbed some glue on the edges and dusted with glitter snow.  I then, after they dried, tied a piece of baker’s twine around them, making a bow.

Processed with VSCOcam with f1 preset

I used the chevron paper to make unique tags by simply cutting them into rectangles, trimming two edges, and punching a hole toward the top.

Processed with VSCOcam with k1 preset

Using the baker’s twine as ribbon and a little left over eucalyptus from a Thanksgiving bouquet, the finished product is a crisp and unique, yet affordably wrapped gift.

Processed with VSCOcam with s3 presetDSC_0854DSC_0865DSC_0751

So, see your girls.  Catch up with the guys.  Go for walks in the snow and save money on cute gift wrapping.

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