A little about Keeping Willow

    My name is Stacy Feyer-Salo.  My partner Jazz and I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan with our almost 1-year-old daughter Willow.  Before we had Willow, we lived a busy life full of numerous interests like fixed gear bikes, urban gardening, whiskey sours, reading books, baking vegan goods for potlucks with friends, writing songs, developing our musical taste and traveling to obscure places to find the best Michigan, craft breweries.  But like most parents, once crossing the parental threshold, all of these pastimes came to a screeching halt. Although the indulgences of libations and social interactions have greatly decreased, and we no longer stay up late sitting on the porch with friends drinking beer on a week night or read a book for more than 12 minutes in one sitting, we are still the same people we were pre-baby.
    This blog is an attempt to lean into and document a re-encounter with the our pre-baby identities while carrying our baby girl on our backs. The thematic emphasis of this blog will rest in four areas: cooking, health, crafting and culture; all residing under the meta theme of being of parenting.  I hope to teach my own daughter some of these skills and ideas but most of all I want to teach her that starting a family doesn’t have to mean you stop chasing after your dreams and going on adventures. Parenting can be bringing your children along for the ride and helping them dream their own dream. I know there are so many things for us to learn together along the way.

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