My name is Stacy Feyer-Salo.  At the age of 28, the age I became pregnant with Willow, I did not think I wanted a child yet, but here she is, in all her curly haired, rosy cheeked glory. And she kills me.  She wrecked me for the better in a way that I would never want to go back to the life I had previously.  I love her and I’m so happy to be one of her parents. I am a changed person, but in the same sense I am the same person I was before Willow came around.  I still like bike commuting on my cute, little, red, single speed bicycle. I still like craft beer and whiskey. I still love to make music and am inspired by the way it can unite many isolated and different persons together toward something bigger than themselves; the sacred, the divine.  And I still love clean lines and minimalist design, both in the home and fashionwise. And this blog is a reflection of that dance, the balance between a past life and a new life joining together and becoming something new altogether. This blog is about keeping Willow, caring for her, protecting her and conforming to the new routines that are required of a parent. But it is also about keeping Stacy, preserving and protecting my own passions, health and interests in the midst of this new demanding role.
So welcome to my philosophy of life, of parenting; my thesis. My exploration into the questions: “what does it mean to be a good parent?” along with “what does it look like to live a good life?” And somehow, perhaps in a supernatural time warp,  I hope the answers to these questions can fit nestled under the umbrella of this new reality that consumes and delights me. The art and task of caring for, loving, raising up, and keeping Willow. 

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