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Saturday Shopping List + Update

Yes.  Saturday Shopping Lists have been mostly the only posts going up on Keeping Willow lately.  Trust me, it was not my intention to turn this blog into a shopping service when I started this series, but as a supplement to already occuring material.  Such is life sometimes. I promise there will be more variety in the future, but for now here is a little update on life at present.

Here in Toronto, education starts early.  Willow started going to preschool about 3 weeks ago, 2 days a week, from 9-3.  She is doing remarkably well.  I promised myself I wouldn’t get all upset when she started.  I broke my promise.

I have been in a constant state of adjustment.  Although I’ve been at a new job for the past 3 months, I am still trying to find new ways to fit my old routines into a my new schedule. When can I fit in a workout, make a new batch of kombucha, write a blog post? It’s been a challenge  Maybe a future blog post?

Jazz just started a new year of grad school as well as a new job.  His increasing interest in the coffee industry has lead him to a job at the best coffee shop in Toronto.  I can’t wait to reap the benefits of this change.

Update over.  Here is your shopping list.

Let me know how your week is going or what recipes you really like by tagging your photos on Instagram with #keepingwillow.  Leave me a comment below telling me what you didn’t like, how much your groceries cost or what your kids really liked.

You can download your shopping list below.  Obviously, some of the things on the list you will already have.  Just check off the the things you need.  There is space below each category to add any other things you need to buy for the week.

You can find all of the recipes for this week in one place by following my “Saturday Shopping List” board on Pinterest here.

Total cost (for all groceries I bought including other food): $95

Shopping List (download)

M E N U //

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 11.02.24 AM

Who doesn’t love ramen?  Add coconut milk and green curry?  Hallelujah!  RECIPE

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 11.04.12 AM

Naturally Ella is increasingly becoming my favorite food blog.  Creamy polenta, roasted veg, chick peas, feta and a rustic curry flavor.  Ok! RECIPE

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 11.05.38 AM

I love this recipe by My Darling Lemon Thyme.  The ginger and squash combination is genius.  I added tempeh to the mix for a little extra protein (an option I put on the shopping list).  RECIPE

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 11.07.02 AM

A Keeping Willow original.  This creamy curry recipe is comforting and packed with flavor.  RECIPE

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 11.09.32 AM

A perfect warming soup for a cold fall day by 101 Cookbooks.  Added bonus, packed with everything healthy to give you the extra vitamins you need now that the hours of sunshine is diminishing.  RECIPE

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 11.11.17 AM

We make this recipe by Pinch of Yum all the time.  It’s one of Jazz’s favorites.  Skip Chipotle!  This bowl will give you your burrito bowl fix.  RECIPE

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 11.12.39 AM

I’m excited to try this creamy vegan bisque by one of my favorite blogs, The First Mess.  Ok, fall isn’t all that bad.  RECIPE

I hope your week is full of good surprises as well as pleasant predictability.  Happy Saturday!



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