New Things

Oh hey!  I guess the summer is almost over so it’s about time that I implode into writing, cooking, living and telling you all about it.  This summer has been fantastic, with the hiccup of a job change in the middle and looming paper deadlines for Jazz, but overall, superb.  I’ve spent most of the summer doing things that allowed me to neglect cooking in my own kitchen and be outside as much as possible.  Normally, the sound of autumn is a welcome chorus in the distance, coming to rescue me from the humid heat of the midwest that is starting to become clingy and outdated.  But this summer, I am not ready.  It was not hot here in Toronto for the entire month of June.  I love hot weather.  And I need a full summer of it.  Especially since the winters here are Canadian and everything.  So, fall, take your bloody time.  But the one thing I am excited about  fall for is diving back into this blog and spending some QT with y’all.  I have a couple projects I am working on that I’m really excited to share.  One of them I am sharing today (lucky you).

Last fall I wrote a series about frugal food and now that it’s almost been a year of watching every dollar, the weekly rituals of our meal preparation has become less about living frugally and more about living well.  When we realized that we waste so little, eat very healthy, enjoy our meals, and have less junk food in our house, the habits we formed have stuck, even in the light of a deeper pocket.  But when Saturday morning rolls around, and it’s time to make a grocery list, it takes a lot of thought and energy to plan the meals for every day.  Maybe enough that it may justify the dependence many of us have on processed foods and eating out (which is great, but much better in moderation).  So I thought, maybe it’s time I share all of the hard work I put into planning every week.  Because I kind of wish someone was doing it for me.

I don’t mean to brag but I am kind of pro when it comes to meal planning.  No really.  The past 5 years I have been paid to plan meals for people.  So technically, that makes me a professional.  And I’m kind of good at it (dusts shoulder off).  I am going to try (fingers crossed) to share what meals I’m planning each week, recipes for each, a general grocery list, and an estimated cost.  It may evolve over time, but I hope that this is a resource that people, maybe like me, could really use.

Each week I will plan meals, some from reputable bloggers, some of my own creation, that  are:

Vegetarian (with some suggestions for you vegans and GF folks)
Crazy delicious

Keep an eye out.  I will be starting these posts in the coming week.  I will always be open to suggestions, recipe ideas, and other requests and you can contact me by clicking the email link at the top of my blog.  As always, if you find yourself itching to share what you make to the masses, use the hashtag #keepingwillow.

I’m ecstatic to get back into hibernate mode and spam your feeds with news about new posts and pictures of my dinner…and Willow I guess.  Until next week!