A Case of the Fridays

I don’t really get the Mondays.  I’m not sure why.  I guess I typically feel refreshed and energized by the weekend.  You know, a weekend that was equally as productive as it was entertaining and relaxing.  But recently I have been experiencing this oppressive cloud of anxiety and depression, not on Monday and not on a Sunday evening, but on Fridays.  FRIDAY!  The one day out of the week, according to the Cure, that is supposed to be the best.

What is wrong with me!

Ok, usually my Fridays start out great.  I’m stoked, beyond excited, that I don’t have to go to work tomorrow.  There’s maybe even a little spring in my step as I head for the subway.  Lunch time comes around and I’m still feeling great.  But by 4 and 5 o’clock, all of the exhaustion that has built up from the past, really long work week is reaching it’s breaking point.  My commute home always feels/is so much longer.  I come home not ready to party hard (ok, I know, as if), but ready to lay in bed for 2 consecutive days.  But that’s just the beginning.

I begin to think about all of the things that NEED to get done during the weekend: grocery shop, finally make it to the library, bake bread, make stock, do the dishes, and scrub the bathroom.  Simultaneously, another list compiles of all the things I WANT to get done during the weekend: try out that new coffee shop that is serious about their coffee, check out a new part of town, get some work done on the blog, use that H&M gift card my mom sent me, paint my nails (or at least take off the old polish), go for a walk, watch Game of Thrones, eat cookies, and invite friends over for dinner. Achieve all of these things with a not-even-two-year-old running through my legs all day (I say that literally, because the girl will run through my legs– for hours!)

How?  I can’t?  My weekend is ruined before it even began.

And then I go to sleep.  And I wake rested.  I drink some amazing coffee that my handsome, husband brews for me every morning, with his timer and scale and Hario-Kalita-ma-bobs, and suddenly Saturday is full of possibilities.  Boom!  I just bought a weeks worth of groceries for $50. Pow! The house is clean and I look fly.  Bam! On the streetcar ready to taste some Joe.  [Honestly, I never talk like this.]

The “Fridays” have ended and my weekend was everything I hoped it would be.  And I feel fulfilled by Sunday evening.

Am I alone?  Do you ever get the Fridays?  I sure hope not.

Let this classic cheer you up and help you get through the hardest day of the week.  And remember, you just need to go to bed and drink some coffee in the morning.



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