Blog Crush

I’m not a huge blog reader.  I mean, I read blogs, I just don’t devote much of my day, really my week to keeping up on all the fantastic blogs that are out there.  But there are a few blogs, I swoon over.  These are blogs that as soon as they show up on Instagram or Twitter with a new post, I have read it within 3 minutes– because I love them that much.  Every word they say is riveting, their style inspiring or their food styling exquisite. And so I would like to feature some of my favorite blogs, in varying categories, that I obsess over.  They are blogs that inspire me, which in the end inspire this blog.  They are worth sharing with, drooling over and crushing on.

Local Milk

local milk // BLOG CRUSHES // Keeping WillowThis girl, Beth Kirby, she can cook.  And not only that, the way she writes about her experiences and ideas about food is enticing and captivating.  I love reading her posts almost as much as I love looking at her food pornography photography.  Each recipe is very unique.  You can tell Beth loves the craft of cooking and developing recipes.  I especially appreciate her baked goods.  I made her Chocolate Lavender Cake with Earl Grey Buttercream Frosting for a friend’s birthday, and it was probably the most delicious thing I’ve ever made.  Beth also helps coordinate regular Kinfolk events, that are truly beautiful, as well as teach food styling workshops in exotic places all over the planet.  Local Milk also has a fantastic instagram feed (well all of these blogs do).  You can follow it here.

Sprouted Kitchen

sprouted kitchen // BLOG CRUSHES // Keeping WillowBeautiful, fresh creations is all you see on Sprouted Kitchen.  This vegan, health conscious, food blog (written and photographed by Sara and Hugh Forte) is constantly creating drool worthy recipes that the vegan and carnivore alike would die for.  You can tell a lot of thought goes into these recipes, the colors, the textures, the flavor sensations, and the photography is beautiful.  My favorite part is, these are recipes that I will use regularly, not just something to save for a special occasion.  The icing on the cake, they have a new, beautiful baby.  Can’t resist tiny baby photos.  Follow this blog and eat a little healthier.  Their fantastic Instagram feed is here.


mothermag // BLOG CRUSHES // Keeping WillowMothermag is my new favorite thing.  It is the best motherhood blog, the most resourceful, classy and cultured.  I love this blog because it laughs at the stigma that moms are out-of-fashion, out-of-shape losers who have lost their life and identity in their children, not by saying it explicitly, but just by being awesome.  They have amazing fashion tips, breastfeeding advice, mom horoscopes, and regular interactions with pop culture.  This blog only started this year,  a collaboration of a bunch of amazing parenting bloggers, and has really been kicking it.  If you’re a mother, go here.  If you’re want to be a mother, go here.  You can follow them on Instagram here.


bleubirdAnother fantastic parenting blog, James Kicinski McCoy (also a collaborator for Mothermag) and her family are so– I hate to use such a cheap word, so I’ll put a profanity in front of it to make it seem more obtuse– damn cute! They just are.  Her and her four children are gorgeous, have great style and have a lot of fun.  James not only writes this blog, she is a product designer and photographer on top of homeschooling her four children with her husband.  She is an inspiring woman with great fashion sense and really great taste in children’s toys.  Bleubird also features some great recipes– one I’m meaning try is this gluten free, vegan donut recipe.  So whether you’re looking for some fashion advice or want to see some cute– I said it again– little people, this blog is the place for you.  You can follow Bleubird on Instagram here.

Wide Eyed Legless

wide eyed legless // BLOG CRUSHES // Keeping WillowSigh. I hesitated to share this one with you.  Not because this blog isn’t really fantastic, but because I want it all to myself.  Wide Eyed Legless (Madelynn Hackwith Furlong) has completely revolutionized my sense of style.  I mean of what style I have.  Wide Eyed Legless consistently curates a minimalist, monochromatic look that is refreshing and freeing. My favorite part about this blog is Madelynn’s posts about defining one’s style.  They are so practical and clear in helping you discover what your own style is and sticking with it.  After I started following this blog in February, I purged my closet, removing the clutter, and have stuck only to basics in neutral colors– mainly white and black– and have  embraced a minimalist approach to my look.  I even follow Madelynn’s own beauty secret for her hair, not washing it.  Pretty much, if I could afford her wardrobe, I would just copy everything she wears and maybe be her best friend.  Ok, this is getting weird, isn’t it?

All awkwardness aside, I highly recommend this blog and Madelynn’s Instagram feed is my favorite.  Such simple and refreshing images are the only thing that are featured.  Check it out.

A Merry Mishap

a merry mishap // BLOG CRUSHES // Keeping WillowI have been a little obsessed with interior spaces lately.  In particular modern, fresh and clean feeling spaces.  I am just a better person when I am in a well curated space.  And I’m obsessed with the color white (enough with the obsessions Stacy!).  Everything must be white! Except the couch, because there’s Willow. And the rug.  Ok, it’s really me, I spill on everything.  But I wish it were all white. A Merry Mishap, written and curated by this classy gal– and mother– Jennifer, is constantly filling my mind with more ideas for a more open and minimalist space. With a keen sense of Nordic taste, each post delivers.  Check out her feed on Instagram and keep on pinning these beautiful images.

In the end, if you don’t care at all about minimalism or adorable children (really?), that’s fine.  What I hope to display is what kinds of things move me and move me forward as I continue to press on in this whole blogging thing.  So follow some blogs, cook some great food, cloud your Instagram feed with even more people you don’t know, and get to know me and my taste a little bit more.  Happy reading!



4 thoughts on “Blog Crush

  1. Hey! Love this post, your style and your blog! Have you been to CERTIFIEDVALIDATION lately? You should check me out if you have the time! Tell me what you think ☺️

  2. aosbiss says:

    so helpful and enjoyable to read! i’m just starting out my first blog, and blogs like yours inspired me to give it a shot! it would mean a lot if you could check it out. thank you for taking the time to read this:) xoxo

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