Dating Jazz


I married a man who is very different than me.  Although we both have shared affection for gourmet food, fine libations, and good music, there are many qualities that we don’t share.  For instance, I am very affectionate and can’t see why other people have a problem with most forms of PDA.  On the other hand, if Jazz is embracing me and someone comes even close to our vicinity,  he almost pushes me across the room.  I love a good party.  The more people, the better.  Jazz would rather hide alone in Plato’s cave with his fine library of books for all eternity.

Many of our differences we have been able to cope with just fine, but this weekend we face a big one: hot weather.  I love heat and Jazz despises it.  And we are traveling to Phoenix, where the highs right now are around 105°F.  While I am looking forward to a good dose of dry heat and sleeveless shirts, I am having a hard time convincing Jazz that this trip will be even a little fun in light of the temperature gage and the whole flying on an airplane with a 17-month-old thing.  The optimist and the pessimist, yet again, more opposites.  Although these preferences and passions may conflict with one another, I am becoming more and more convinced that these differences make us more whole and healthy people.  We give each other new perspective, break open each other’s boxes.  If only this concept worked for Congress.  

While Keeping Willow will be on vacation the next few days, I am sure that when we get back there will be many stories and perspectives to be told.  Hopefully no more children will end up in any other forms of water.



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