A Warm Spring Afternoon

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All rosey cheeked with humidity induced ringlets, Willow was very energized by the little sneak peak into summer we received the other day.  By the end of the day her legs were scuffed up and her dress covered in strawberry juice.  This whole parenting thing is as “they” say it is, really fast, but these past two months, with her rapid learning and new words, has seemed to accelerate the process.  For instance, for almost 5 months Willow has been calling me Stacy, my first name.  I thought I must have birthed an eternal teenager.  Then one day, she just started saying “mama”.  But she also picked up “papa” and “grandma” in the same day.  At the time, I didn’t really care about the other words because I was so overjoyed and filled with pride from hearing that endearing, maternal word, but once I calmed down I realized her development is picking up faster than I am ready for.  The other day I looked at her and thought, you are a sassy, little girl, not a baby anymore.

Other things we have been up to is Willow and her dad’s new game called, “Push Daddy on the Floor and then Dive on Daddy”.  Willow seems to have never-ending hiccups when Jazz is home because she laughs uncontrollably for long periods of time from this game.  Also, these two hold a very epic daddy/daughter dance after Jazz gets out of the shower after work. iPad in hand, playing something highly danceable like MIA, these two break it down, Willow showing off her standard pivot turn with flailing arms.  She gets her dance moves from me.

Gosh this May has been so beautiful and fulfilling.  I can only hope the summer will be even better.



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