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Update // My Motivation-less Diet

Sorry for the crazy white leg pic. It’s been a cold spring here in the beautiful state of Michigan.

So, back in February -I know it seems so long ago on this warm, stormy day in May- I wrote a post titled “My Motivation-less Diet” where I swore of everything motivation, “all-or-nothing” driven health choices and tried to focus on the steady mundane of regular, everyday habits.  Well, I told you I would update you on my progress and it’s been 3 months without a word.  I feel it’s time to fill you in on how I’m doing.

I love not being motivated.  It doesn’t strip me of my mental energy.  It’s not that I have been lazy these past 3 months.  No, I have a pretty regimented routine.  Although some weeks are different than others and there is just no time for a quick 30 minute workout, I have still found the past 3 months of motivation-less living to be successful.

Since October, I had been using My Fitness Pal to keep a log of everything I put into my mouth and my daily activity.  But after a while, I became acclimated to the amounts of food and kinds of food I needed to eat in a day to provide my body’s basic nutritional needs.  After 5 months I had established a relatively healthy eating habit.  So, to continue on my journey towards zero motivation, I dropped My Fitness Pal altogether, except to keep track of my stats (weight, inches, etc).

Also, since the weather has become drastically better since February, I have been able to do regular kinds of things outside to remain active.  There’s lots of chasing Willow across the yard and more frequent dog walking.  Nike Training Club is still my best friend and I have began running more frequently.  But you will never see me try and psyche myself out before a workout.  I just go because that’s what I need for my life to feel whole, because it’s become a habit. If I get tired, I walk.  If my legs can’t take another squat, I take a 10 second break.  I am kind to myself, because my body does absolutely, amazing things and is beautiful.  No hatred.  No abuse.   No pressure.

On the plus side, I found my way back to my pre-baby weight.  I am in much better shape and eat foods that are more colorful and tasty.

Processed with VSCOcam with k3 preset

I have a new twist on my motivation-less diet.  I have added another habit by cutting out all refined sugar and flour from my diet until at least my birthday at the end of June.  Because I’m turning 30.  It just seems right to enter into, what I have convinced myself is going to be the best decade of my life, feeling good about my lifestyle and habits.  Because I wasn’t feeling good about the refined  and processed products I was putting into my body. I knew they were not good for me. It has been almost 3 weeks since I started and I feel superb.  I am seeing my body change for the better  in numerous ways, more than just weight loss and inches.  More updates and some delectable recipes to come.

Of course, I understand that not everyone is like me.  But my theory that a motivation-less diet, one built on habit and ritual, is more sustainable and healthy than one built on mentally pushing ourselves to the max, still stands. Yes, using only my own data is really bad research, but in the end the only person I’m trying to change is me.

What methods have you found to be helpful in maintaining and sustaining a healthy lifestyle?  What’s the story of your journey towards health?  Contact me or comment below to share what’s worked for you.

Until my next update, stay motivation-less.




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